Dog Crates & Playpens

Dog crates aren't about keeping your dog in a cage. When used properly, they provide a safe space for your dog, like a den. It's their home, their little sanctuary and we should respect that. If your dog retreats into their crate, don’t go in after them. Give them their time and space. Playpens, on the other hand, are where your dog can run around and be crazy, and play with toys, and the potential mess is contained to the pen itself. And we do encourage you to get in there and play with your dog, strengthening the bond between you all. Check out the range of crates and pens for your dog. Choose a size that is appropriate for your pampered pooch.

Contour Plush Mattress Mat

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Crate Soft Octagon Medium
Stocktake Clearance

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Pet One - Puppy Plan Pen XL

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Quiet Time Crate Cover 36" (91cm)


What is the difference between a dog crate and a playpen?

A dog crate is an enclosed space used for confinement, often for short periods, such as transportation or training. A playpen is a larger, open-sided enclosure designed to give a dog more space to move, play, and exercise safely. Playpens are versatile for longer containment with more room for activities.

Can dog crates and playpens be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, both dog crates and playpens can be used indoors and outdoors. However, it's important to choose the appropriate material and design for outdoor use to withstand weather conditions. Indoor crates and playpens are typically made of lighter materials for easy portability, while outdoor ones should be sturdy and weather-resistant. Ensure your choice suits your specific needs and provides a safe and comfortable environment for your dog.