Bird Harness

Bird harnesses offer a secure and comfortable way to take your pet bird on outdoor adventures while keeping them safe by your side. At Pet City, our selection of bird harnesses are designed to provide the perfect blend of security and freedom for your feathered friend. Crafted with quality materials and thoughtful design, our harnesses ensure a snug fit and ease of use. Whether you have a parrot, cockatiel, or other small to medium-sized bird, our range of bird harness and leash sets accommodate various sizes and species. Explore our collection today to enjoy bonding experiences and outdoor excursions with your beloved bird in style and security.


How do I choose the right size and fit for a bird harness?

Choosing the right size and fit for a bird harness is crucial. Measure your bird's girth (the circumference of its chest just behind the wings) and its wingspan. Most harnesses come with sizing guidelines, so match these measurements to the harness size chart provided. Ensure the harness is snug but not too tight, allowing for comfortable movement. A properly fitting harness should secure your bird without causing discomfort or restricting its breathing.

Are there specific bird species that are more receptive to wearing harnesses?

Some bird species are more receptive to wearing harnesses than others. Generally, smaller parrot species, such as cockatiels and budgies, tend to adapt better to harnesses. However, individual temperament plays a significant role. It's essential to introduce the harness gradually, using positive reinforcement and patience. Some birds may never fully accept a harness, while others may become comfortable with time and training. It ultimately depends on your bird's personality and your training efforts.