Cat Leads

For safe and enjoyable outdoor adventures with your feline friend, explore Pet City's cat leads. Our range features sturdy and durable leads designed to withstand daily walks and explorations. With various lengths and styles available, you can find the perfect lead to suit your cat's size and walking preferences. From classic nylon leads to retractable cat leads for added flexibility, we offer choices to meet every cat owner's needs.

Ensure your cat stays secure and stylish during outings with our high-quality leads, providing peace of mind for both you and your furry friend.


Can you walk a cat on a lead?

Yes, you can walk a cat on a lead with the right training and equipment. Start by introducing your cat to the harness indoors, allowing them to get accustomed to wearing it before attempting outdoor walks. Use positive reinforcement and treats to encourage them to walk beside you. When your cat is ready, choose a quiet and safe outdoor area for walks, and always supervise your cat to ensure their safety and comfort during the experience.

What's the ideal length for a cat lead to ensure safety?

The ideal length for a cat lead depends on the environment and your cat's behaviour. For most situations, a lead between 4 to 6 feet long is recommended to provide enough freedom for exploration while maintaining control. Shorter leads offer better control in busy or confined areas, while extendable cat leads allow more freedom in open spaces. Always ensure the lead is securely attached to both the harness and your hand to prevent accidental escapes or injuries.