Dog Collars

Did you know you can buy special dog training collars? These collars are designed for rowdy pups who might get into trouble while being trained. They allow quick-release functions if your dog gets into a sticky situation, bright and reflective colours for when you’re walking at night, and more. If you’re taking your puppy training seriously, then you need the best equipment for the job. Speak with the puppy wranglers at Pet City and discover the best equipment for your puppy in training.


What type of collar is best for dog training?

The best collar for dog training often depends on your dog's behaviour and the trainer's preference. However, many trainers recommend using a flat or martingale collar for basic obedience training. These collars provide control without choking the dog. 

For more advanced training or for dogs that tend to pull, a head collar or front-clip harness may be effective. Always consult with a professional trainer to determine the best collar for your specific training goals and your dog's needs, and chat with the team at Pet City to find the collar that’s right for your dog.

What safety features should I look for in a dog collar?

When choosing a dog collar, prioritise safety features such as quick-release buckles that allow easy removal in emergencies, reflective materials for better visibility at night, and adjustable sizing for a secure fit. Also, consider breakaway collars designed to release if the dog gets caught on an obstacle, reducing the risk of choking or injury. These features enhance your dog's safety and well-being while wearing a collar.