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Delight your feline friend with Pet City's irresistible selection of cat treats and catnip! Our collection features a variety of tasty, nutritious treats that are perfect for rewarding good behaviour or simply showing your love. From crunchy bites to soft chews, our treats cater to every cat's preference and dietary needs.
Enhance playtime with our premium catnip, designed to stimulate and engage your cat’s senses. Sourced from high-quality ingredients, our treats and catnip provide not only enjoyment but also support your cat’s overall health and wellbeing. Explore Pet City's range today and give your cat the ultimate treat experience!

Kazoo Kitty Craves 100g

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How does catnip affect cats, and is it safe for all cats?

Catnip affects cats by stimulating their olfactory senses, often leading to playful behaviour, excitement, or relaxation. It is generally safe for most cats, but not all cats are responsive to it, as sensitivity is hereditary. While catnip is non-toxic, it should be used in moderation to prevent potential digestive upset or overstimulation in sensitive cats.

Can cat treats be used as part of a training regimen?

Yes, treats for cats can be effectively used as part of a training regimen. They serve as positive reinforcement, rewarding desired behaviours and encouraging repetition. Choose small, healthy treats to prevent overfeeding, and use them consistently to reinforce commands or actions. This method helps strengthen the bond between you and your cat while promoting good behaviour.