Cat Litter Trays

Pet City's collection of cat litter trays are designed to provide your cat with a comfortable and hygienic toileting experience. Our range includes various sizes and styles to suit your cat's preferences and your home's layout. From hooded trays for privacy to open designs for easy access, we offer options to accommodate every need. Constructed from durable materials and featuring easy-to-clean surfaces, our litter trays ensure convenience for both you and your feline friend.
Trust Pet City for top-quality litter trays that prioritise your cat's comfort and cleanliness.


What size cat litter tray do I need?

When choosing a cat litter tray, consider your cat's size and habits. For larger or senior cats, opt for a spacious tray to accommodate movement comfortably. If your cat tends to scatter litter or urinate over the edge, a high-sided cat litter tray can contain mess effectively. If you have multiple cats, they may require larger trays or multiple trays to prevent overcrowding. Ultimately, you should choose a size that allows your cat/s to enter, turn around, and dig comfortably while minimising mess.

What are the benefits of using a hooded litter tray for cats?

Hooded cat litter trays offer several benefits for both cats and their owners. They provide cats with a sense of privacy and security while toileting, reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, the hood helps contain odours, keeping the surrounding area fresher for longer. 

Hooded trays also prevent litter scatter and minimise tracking. For owners, this means easier cleanups and can be particularly beneficial in multi-pet households or homes with limited space.