Plastic Bird Toys

Plastic bird toys are the ultimate fusion of durability, affordability, and fun! At Pet City, we offer a wide selection of plastic bird toys in various shapes, sizes, and colours. These toys are designed to stimulate your bird's senses and promote healthy activity, such as chewing and playing. Made from non-toxic materials, they’re safe, hygienic, and easy to clean, making them a valuable addition to your bird’s cage. So, whether you own a curious cockatiel or a lively lorikeet, our plastic toys are a versatile choice for bird owners looking to add some excitement to their bird’s routine. 


Are plastic bird toys safe for my bird to play with?

At Pet City, we ensure that our plastic bird toys are made from safe, durable materials that are free from harmful chemicals. They are also non-porous and easy to clean and maintain, making them a hygienic option for your bird. However, you should regularly check your bird’s plastic toys for cracks, making sure they are free from sharp edges and in otherwise suitable condition. 

Can plastic bird toys help with bird behaviour problems?

Plastic bird toys can be an effective solution to help address behaviour problems in birds. Boredom and lack of mental stimulation can lead to destructive behaviours, such as feather plucking and screeching. Plastic toys offer a variety of textures, shapes and colours that can keep your bird engaged, offering a safe outlet for chewing and shredding and preventing unwanted behaviours. 



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