Dog Halters

Dog halters are becoming all the rage. They are a comfortable way to take your dog on a walk, and control them, without the risk of choking. You can even get them with your dog’s name on them. This is handy when people want to pet your pooch, and so you don’t get your halters mixed up at off-lead dog parks. We have dog halters for all sizes of dogs, and we have halters that can adjust either as your dog grows up, or grows out. Can you say chonky?


Can a small dog use a halter?

Yes, small dogs can use a halter, but it's essential to choose the right size and fit. Look for a halter designed specifically for small breeds, ensuring it doesn't put excessive pressure on their delicate necks. When fitted correctly and used under supervision, a halter can be a safe and effective training tool for small dogs.

Should I use a dog halter in training?

Using a dog halter in training can be beneficial, especially for dogs that tend to pull on the leash. It redirects their attention and reduces pulling force, making walks more manageable. However, proper fitting and gradual introduction are crucial. 

Consult with a professional dog trainer to determine if a halter is suitable for your dog's specific training needs and to learn how to use it effectively and safely.