Frozen Reptile Food

Keep your pet’s food fresher for longer with Pet City’s range of frozen reptile food. We stock all your reptile’s favourite frozen treats, from ‘pinkie’ mice to extra large rabbits. Satisfy your pet’s natural cravings and provide him with a rich, varied diet. Shop our selection of frozen reptile food online, and discover why fresh is always best.

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How long do frozen reptile foods last?

When stored in a freezer at a temperature of -18°C or below, frozen reptile food can remain fresh and safe to feed to your reptile for several months. To prevent freezer burn and to minimise the risk of contamination, frozen reptile food should be stored in a sealed container or bag. Once thawed, it should be used as soon as possible and should not be re-freezed. 

What reptile food can be frozen?

There are a variety of reptile foods that can be frozen, including insects, small mammals, and small fish. Some popular varieties of frozen reptile foods include mice, rats, quail, and rabbits. When choosing frozen food for your pet reptile, it’s important to select varieties that meet its specific nutritional needs. For example, some species of reptiles require a diet that is high in protein and eat a variety of insects, while others require a diet that is high in fats and prefer to eat small mammals.