Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tanks

With our selection of freshwater aquariums, you can discover the joy of creating a serene underwater haven for your finned friends. Our diverse range caters to every level of expertise, from novice hobbyists to seasoned aquarists. From sleek and modern designs to spacious and captivating tanks, you’ll find the perfect tank to create a mesmerising aquatic landscape. With one of our high-quality freshwater fish aquariums, you can embark on a journey of tranquility and beauty. Explore our selection today, and give your freshwater fish the home they deserve. 

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Aqua One AquaLume Tank 27L

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What is the best filter for a freshwater aquarium?

When it comes to choosing the best filter for your freshwater aquarium tank, a reliable and efficient option is a canister filter. With powerful filtration capabilities and customisable media options, canister filters keep your tank’s water crystal clear and provide optimal conditions for your aquatic ecosystem. Say goodbye to unwanted debris and hello to a cleaner, healthier environment for your fish and plants to thrive in.

What types of fish are best for a freshwater aquarium?

When selecting fish for your freshwater aquarium fish tank, consider vibrant and hardy species that thrive in this environment. Popular choices include tetras, guppies, mollies, and cichlids. These colourful and active fish add life and beauty to your tank, making it a captivating underwater world.

How to clean a freshwater fish tank:

To clean your tank, use an algae scraper or pad. Make sure to buy a magnetic scraper designed specifically for fish tanks. For more information, refer to our blog on properly cleaning your tank


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Opti Clear Glass Tank 60cm
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