Cat Window Beds

Give your cat a front-row seat to the big wide world. Crafted with plush comfort and secure suction cup attachments, Pet City's cat window beds provide the perfect perch for your cat to bask in natural sunlight and watch the world go by. Whether they're scanning for birds and critters or on neighbourhood watch, treat your whiskered companion to a scenic sentry with Pet City's cat beds for windows.


How can I ensure the cat window bed is safely secured to prevent accidents?

You can ensure your cat's safety by securely attaching the window bed following the manufacturer's guidelines. Choose a window that can support the bed's weight and provides a stable surface, and position it at a safe height, avoiding extreme temperatures. Initially, you should supervise your cat while using the bed, especially if your cat is a larger breed. Inspect the suction cups or brackets regularly for wear and tear, replacing them if needed.

How easy is it to install a cat window bed, and do I need any special tools?

Installing a cat window bed is typically easy and tool-free. Most models use suction cups or secure brackets that attach directly to windows. Simply ensure the window is clean and dry before attaching, and follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free installation.


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