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Calling all proud bird parents! Get ready to take flight with Pet City’s collection of bird supplies, from food that'll have your budgies tweeting for more to spacious cages that make your parrot's dreams come true. Browse our collection of enrichment toys that'll have your feathered friends spreading their wings in glee, and choose from our health essentials that will keep them in tip-top shape. Explore our bird supplies online or in-store today! 



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What supplies do you need for a pet bird?

To ensure the well-being of your feathered friend, essential pet bird supplies include a spacious cage or aviary, quality food and water dishes, a varied diet of pellets, seeds, and fresh fruits/veggies, bird-safe toys for enrichment, perches of different textures and sizes, bedding or liners for the cage bottom, and cuttlebones for beak maintenance. Regularly scheduled visits to an avian vet, along with proper grooming and social interaction, are also crucial for your bird's health and happiness.

What are the benefits of using specialised bird supplies versus generic alternatives?

Using specialised bird supplies from a reputable bird supply store like Pet City ensures tailored quality. Bird-specific products like food, toys, and accessories are designed for safety, enrichment, and health, meeting your bird’s unique needs. This minimises risks and maximises their well-being compared to generic alternatives.


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