The Aviator Harness, designed by Parrot University is our absolute favourite bird harness. Why? It’s an innovative and very well designed product which blends ease of movement, safety, and usability for you and your pet.

This harness is very easy to put on and adjust, allowing room to stretch over your pet’s wings comfortably while fitting. It combines thin nylon straps with a fantastic elastic ‘leash’ which helps absorb shock for your bird’s safety while flying. The straps fit around the sides, behind the wings so it doesn’t inhibit your pet’s crop.

This design also has a special clip which allows the joining point of the ‘leash’ to move around the bird. This means the attachment won’t get in the way while your bird flies, and you can easily move it to sit above, below or on the side of your pet.

The Aviator Harness comes with a training DVD too!

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