Dog Toilet Training Products

Transform your dog's house training experience with Pet City's range of innovative dog toilet training solutions. From pads and mats to odour-neutralising sprays and more, our premium products are designed to make the toilet training process seamless and stress-free. Whether you're welcoming a new puppy or breaking your dog's bad habits, our dog toilet training products provide you with the tools you need to create a positive and successful training routine. Shop now for a cleaner, happier home.


How long does it take to toilet-train a dog?

The time it takes to toilet-train a dog depends on factors like breed, age, and consistency in training. It may take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months. Puppies usually grasp basic concepts by the age of 6 months, while adult dogs may require more time. Consistent positive reinforcement, patience, and a regular schedule contribute to successful toilet training. Understanding your dog's cues and responding promptly accelerates the process, fostering a clean and reliable toilet routine.

How to train your dog to toilet in one place?

To train your dog to toilet in one place, establish a designated area using dog toilet training pads or mats. Place them consistently in the chosen spot and reward your dog when they use it. Be patient and consistent in praising positive behaviour, gradually reducing the use of pads as your dog becomes accustomed. Clean any accidents promptly with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odours. Maintain a consistent schedule, reinforcing the desired behaviour, and gradually, your dog will associate the designated area with toileting.