Marine Coral Frags

Curated to bring unparalleled beauty and diversity to your aquarium, our marine frags are a testament to quality and craftsmanship, offering a range of stunning colours and species. Whether you're a seasoned reef enthusiast or a novice, our marine coral frags cater to all levels of expertise. Each frag is nurtured with care, ready to thrive in your marine environment. Transform your tank into a captivating coral paradise with Pet City's exceptional marine coral frags, backed by our commitment to marine excellence.

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Dymax Coral Snipper

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Dymax Frag Cutter

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EcoTech Coral Glue 30mL

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EcoTech Coral Glue 75mL

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Seachem Reef Glue 20g

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What are marine frags, and why are they popular among coral enthusiasts?

Marine frags, short for marine coral fragments, are small pieces of coral that are carefully cut or broken from larger colonies. They are immensely popular among coral enthusiasts for several reasons. Frags offer an affordable way to introduce a variety of coral species into a reef tank, allowing enthusiasts to cultivate diverse and vibrant ecosystems. Additionally, frags have a higher chance of survival and growth compared to starting with a full-sized colony. Their popularity stems from their role in promoting coral conservation, enhancing tank aesthetics, and fostering a sense of accomplishment in nurturing these beautiful marine organisms.

Are there specific considerations for lighting, water flow, and placement of marine frags?

Successful marine frag placement requires careful consideration. Adequate lighting is crucial, as different coral species have varying light requirements. Proper water flow helps prevent sediment buildup and ensures that the frags receive sufficient nutrients. Strategic placement, taking into account coral aggression and growth patterns, prevents overcrowding and potential damage. Regular monitoring and adjustments to lighting, water flow, and placement ensure the optimal health and growth of marine frags, contributing to a thriving and visually stunning coral reef environment.


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