Broad Spectrum Reptile Lights

At Pet City, we sell a great range of Broad Spectrum Lighting for your reptile friend. Shop our fantastic range of heating equipment as well as our other Reptile Supplies!  A broad-spectrum light is fantastic for your reptile enclosure. Not only does it give you light to see your pets, but if you have real plants, they get a chance to photosynthesise and grow. Create the most natural environment for your scaly friend, with a light that heats them up and helps the plant life flourish, thanks to Pet City.


What is the difference between normal and broad spectrum led reptile lights?

‘Normal’ lights for a reptile enclosure include the UVA and UVB spectrums. This stimulates regular bodily functions and helps with calcium metabolism.

Broad spectrum lights include the UV wavelengths plus visible light. This allows plants in the enclosure to photosynthesise and grow. Reptiles can also see quite well in the visible spectrum, so these lights are good for their hunting and foraging expeditions.

We recommend turning the regular lamps off at night to simulate the outside world’s day/night cycle.

How do I know if I need broad-spectrum reptile lights?

If your terrarium enclosure has plant life, and is bio-reactive, then broad-spectrum lights would be required to grow and maintain the plant life.
As a reptile’s vision is also acute in the visible light spectrum, broad-spectrum lights can allow them to wander their enclosure and see feed and prey more easily.