Reptile Hides

Calling all reptile lovers! Is your scaled friend in need of a cosy and secure hideaway? Pet City has got you covered with our amazing selection of reptile hides! Our collection features a wide variety of naturalistic rock caves and wooden hides that cater to every reptile species and owner's taste. Not only do our rock hides for reptiles provide a comfortable and safe place for your pet to retreat, but they also help reduce stress and promote natural behaviours like burrowing and nesting. So, give your reptile a hideaway fit for a king (or queen) thanks to Pet City's fantastic range of reptile hides and caves.


What are reptile hides and why are they important for my pet? 

A reptile cave hide is an enclosed structure that provides a safe and secure space for your pet to rest, hide, and feel protected. Hides are essential for reptile well-being as they provide a sense of security and privacy, reduce stress, and help regulate temperature and humidity levels. Hides can be made from a variety of materials, including rocks, logs, and specially designed hide boxes, and should be placed in various areas throughout the enclosure to provide your pet with options for hiding and exploring.

What size hide should I get for my reptile? 

The choice between a small or large reptile hide depends on the size and species of your pet. As a general rule, the hide should be big enough for your reptile to comfortably enter, turn around, and rest in. It's important to choose hides that are proportionate to your pet's size, as a hide that is too small can cause stress and discomfort, while a hide that is too big may not provide the necessary sense of security.


We Recommend

Corner Climbing Ledge

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Log with Holes Small

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Corner Rock Cave Large

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Reptile Hide Cave Small

REG $10.95

VIP $9.95