Dog Training Equipment & Accessories

Discover a world of possibilities with Pet City's comprehensive range of dog training equipment and accessories! From treat pouches to training clickers, we offer everything you need to teach your furry friend new tricks and behaviours. Our collection also includes repellant sprays and anxiety coats to address specific training needs. With the right tools, training becomes a joyous bonding experience, fostering communication and trust between you and your canine companion. Explore the best dog training equipment in Australia at Pet City, because every lesson is a step towards a happier, well-behaved pup!


What equipment do you use to train a dog?

To train a dog effectively, important equipment includes treat pouches, training clickers, and adjustable collars or harnesses. The best dog training equipment varies based on training goals and the dog's temperament, but items like agility cones, target sticks, and interactive toys are also valuable tools for teaching commands and behaviours. 

What essential dog training equipment is needed for beginners?

As mentioned earlier, essential dog training products include treat pouches and training clickers, as well as sturdy collars or harnesses. Additionally, a reliable leash and a comfortable mat or bed for training sessions are essential. Start with these basics of dog obedience training equipment to establish a positive training routine for you and your furry companion.