Dog ID Tags

Keep your beloved pup safe and easily identifiable with our range of dog ID tags at Pet City. These tags are not just a stylish accessory; they're a vital part of your dog's safety. With a variety of designs and colours, you can choose personlised dog id tags that suits your dog's personality. Plus, they're a great way to ensure your contact details are always with your dog, just in case they wander off on their own little adventure

Help your pet find their way back home safely with custom engravable Dog ID tags. This tag is made from coated 2mm thick metal and comes with a split ring and engraving of your choice. We can engrave up to two lines on each side, allowing you to display phone numbers, addresses, pet's name, or any other information of your choice.


Do dogs need ID tags?

Absolutely, dogs need ID tags. They're a simple yet effective way to ensure your dog's safety and quick return if they ever get lost. An ID tag should contain your contact information, making it easier for anyone who finds your dog to contact you. It's a crucial part of responsible pet ownership, providing peace of mind that your dog can be identified and returned to you.

How do I choose the right size and material for my dog’s ID tag?

Choosing the right size and material for your dog's ID tag depends on your dog's size and lifestyle. For smaller dogs, a lightweight, small tag is ideal. For active dogs, a durable material like stainless steel or brass is best. The tag should be big enough to include essential information but not too heavy or large for your dog's comfort. It's all about balancing practicality with your dog's comfort and safety.

How it Works - Dog ID Tag Engravings for Free & Delivered to Your Door!

  1. Choose the ID tag for your pet & Add to Cart
  2. Take note of the type of tag (Basic, Hush, Friends etc)
  3. Click the 'UPLOAD YOUR TEXT' button & fill out the form
  4. Complete your order

Once we receive your order with the details you provided on the form, your personailsed Dog ID tag will be engraved using a special machine we have in-store.

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