Wet Cat Food

Wet and Raw Foods

Looking for top-rated wet cat food options? You’ve come to the right place. At Pet City, we offer a diverse range of wet cat food, including wet canned cat food, pouches, raw options, and health-benefit-specific formulas. Whether your feline friend prefers pâté, chunks in gravy, or shredded meats, our selection ensures quality and variety to meet their dietary needs. Explore our collection today for the best wet cat food options that cater to your cat's preferences and nutritional requirements.


Do cats need wet food?

While cats can thrive on a balanced diet of dry food, wet food offers additional hydration and can be beneficial for cats with certain health conditions or dietary preferences. However, individual needs vary, so we recommend consulting with your vet on recommended wet food for cats. 

Can cats eat wet food every day?

Yes, cats can eat wet food as their primary diet if it provides complete and balanced nutrition. Wet food for cats offers hydration and can be beneficial, but ensure it meets their nutritional needs. Get in touch with your vet to establish a suitable feeding plan based on your cat's health, age, and lifestyle.