Puppy Toys

Welcome your new furry family member with Pet City's puppy toys. Our carefully selected range is tailored to engage and entertain your playful pup during this crucial developmental stage. From soft plush toys for comfort to durable puppy chew toys for teething, our collection cultivates healthy habits and strengthens the bond with your puppy through interactive play. Explore our toys for puppies, designed to make every moment with your new family member a joyous and enriching experience. 


How many toys should a puppy have at once?

A puppy should have a variety of toys to meet their developmental needs, but it's advisable not to overwhelm them. Start with a few different types, including soft plush toys, chew toys, and interactive toys. Rotate the toys regularly to keep your puppy engaged and prevent boredom, and monitor their playtime to ensure safety. As a general guideline, having 3-5 toys at a time provides variety without causing confusion. You should then gradually introduce new toys based on your puppy's preferences and play habits.

Are chew toys good for puppies?

Yes, chew toys provide puppies with a number of benefits, including relief from teething discomfort, stimulation of healthy chewing habits, and prevention of destructive chewing behaviours. Puppy teething toys also promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. When selecting a puppy chew toy, ensure it is appropriately sized for your puppy, made from safe materials, and monitor their use to prevent any potential hazards. 


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