Bird Seeds

At Pet City, we offer a diverse selection of premium bird food seeds to meet the dietary needs of your feathered friends. Our bird food seeds are carefully curated to provide essential nutrients, ensuring the health and vitality of your avian companions. We stock a wide variety of seeds for birds, tailored to different species to meet their unique nutritional requirements. Our high-quality bird seeds are sourced to guarantee freshness and quality. Whether you have pet birds or want to attract wild birds to your garden, explore our bird seeds for a nourishing and delicious treat that your birds will adore.


How can I store bird seed to keep it fresh and free from pests?

To store bird seed and keep it fresh while preventing pests, use airtight containers or resealable bags and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Regularly inspect the stored seed for signs of pests or mould, and keep the storage area clean to avoid attracting rodents or insects.

Are there birdseed blends that cater to different seasons or bird preferences?

Yes, there are bird seed blends designed for different seasons and bird preferences. Seasonal blends often incorporate ingredients that match birds' needs during particular times of the year. Additionally, blends can cater to various bird species, offering specific combinations of seeds to attract certain wild species. These tailored blends can enhance your bird-watching experience by attracting a wider variety of feathered visitors to your garden or feeder.