Dog Brushes & Combs

Discover the perfect grooming solution for your canine companion at Pet City. Our curated collection of dog brushes and combs ensures your dog’s coat stays sleek and healthy. From deshedding brushes to traditional metal dog combs, our tools are crafted with premium materials to guarantee comfort and efficiency.  Explore our range of specialised tools designed to cater to different coat types and lengths, and transform grooming into a bonding experience with your furry friend while maintaining their coat’s shine and cleanliness. 


Are de-shedding brushes good for dogs?

A de-shedding brush for dogs helps to maintain coat health by efficiently removing loose fur, reducing shedding, and preventing matting. These brushes reach the undercoat, minimising hair around the home and promoting healthy skin by stimulating natural oil production. Optimal for breeds prone to heavy shedding, de-shedding brushes are a valuable tool for grooming.

How often should you comb your dog?

The frequency with which you comb your dog depends on their breed, coat type, and length. Generally, you should aim for once or twice a week for most breeds to prevent mats and tangles. However, dogs with longer or thicker coats might require daily combing to prevent mats and reduce shedding. You should adjust combing frequency based on your dog's individual needs and consult a vet or groomer for personalised guidance.


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