Dog Leads

Unless you’re in a specific off-lead location, you must, by law, have your dog on a lead. A simple notion, but there are so many dog leads to choose from. Do you have a retractable dog lead, so your puppy can wander off to sniff things? Or do you have a rigid-length dog lead for more control? What material do you have for your lead? Do you get colours or pretty patterns? Should it have reflectors for nighttime waking? Come on into our store and look at the range of leads we have. Speak to the team to get an idea of what works for both you and your dog.

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Dog Lead Black25mm x 120cm


How do I choose the right length of a dog lead for my pet?

Choosing the right length of a dog lead depends on your dog's size and walking habits. For small dogs or heel-trained dogs, a 2-metre lead is suitable. Larger or more active dogs may benefit from a longer lead of up to 3 or 4 meters for more freedom. Consider your dog's comfort and your control when selecting the length.

Are retractable dog leads suitable for all breeds, or are they breed-specific?

Retractable dog leads can be used with most dog breeds, but their suitability depends on your dog's behaviour and training. They are better suited for well-trained dogs that walk calmly on a leash. For strong pullers or large breeds, traditional fixed-length leads or harnesses may offer more control.