Dog Grooming

Say hello to tail-wagging transformations with Pet City's dog grooming products. Our collection encompasses everything your furry friend needs to look and feel their best. From luxurious shampoos that bring out the shine to stylish brushes that tackle tangles with ease, we've got your grooming needs covered. Unleash the spa experience at home with our high-quality products, designed to make grooming a joy for both you and your pup. Because at Pet City, every grooming session is an opportunity for your pet to strut their stuff with confidence!


What are the essential dog grooming products I should have?

Some of the essential products you should have in your dog grooming kit include brushes and combs for maintaining a shiny coat, clippers, and trimmers for precision grooming, colognes and detanglers for a fresh and tangle-free fur, ear and eye care products for hygiene, nail care tools for proper trimming, and a selection of high-quality shampoos and conditioners tailored to your dog's coat type. Each product ensures your pup stays clean, comfortable, and looks fabulous.

What dog grooming products can help with controlling shedding and reducing pet hair?

To control shedding and reduce pet hair, consider grooming tools like de-shedding brushes, shedding blades, and slicker brushes. Additionally, using high-quality shampoos and conditioners, as well as regular brushing, can help maintain a healthy coat and minimise loose hair.