Pro Plan LiveClear Cat Urinary Care 3kg

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Hills Cat Indoor Adult 1-6 4kg
Hills Cat Oral Care 2kg

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Meals For Meows Single Protein Kangaroo 2.5kg

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Orijen Cat & Kitten 1.8kg

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Nutrition is the backbone of health.

Your cat is unique in their lifestyle, breed and behaviour. The food you choose to feed your cat will play a huge roll on their health and longevity. Though we can't tell you which ones will work best for your cat, we can help by narrowing down the categories and offer advice if you wish to ask.

There are hundreds of diets available for your cat so we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming. Which is why we have broken down cat food into two groups - Premium (science-based) foods and Natural foods. There is also the option of Essentials which are great if you're on a budget. Deciding which is best for your cat generally comes down to their genetics and lifestyle, and your budget of course. 

If your cat requires a diet to help with a special health concern, like Dental or Weight, your Premium food options usually offer a type specifically for these foods. See Health Benefits foods. Though these foods are great at supporting your cat's health, they do not fix the problem alone. Exercise, lifestyle changes and the help of your veterinarian is essential for good health. Dry Cat Food vs Wet Cat Food? Check out this article for more information and advice: Benefits of Wet Cat Food