Black Hawk Pet Food

‘Everything they need, and nothing they don’t.’ That’s Black Hawk’s philosophy, and they’re backing it 100% with their high-quality recipes made from the finest Australian ingredients. 

If you’re looking for quality canine cuisine, look no further than Black Hawk’s dry dog food recipes. You can even top them off with Black Hawk’s delicious range of wet dog food to add a little variety to their diet. 

Alternatively, if you’re searching for a feline fine dining experience, Black Hawk’s cat food recipes are sure to tantalise the taste buds. While the recipes are designed to offer complete and balanced nutrition, Black Hawk Dry Cat Food can also be mixed with a range of wet food recipes for a textural sensation that cats adore.

Black Hawk Health Nutrition

Black Hawk pet food delivers all the nutritional goodness and mouth-watering flavours your pet needs without any of the added nasties they don’t. 

Keeping it healthy and keeping it local, Black Hawk pet food is lovingly crafted in rural NSW and specially formulated by a team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to ensure only the best goes into your furry friend’s meals. Black Hawk even offers a special, grain-free dog food and cat food range to suit your pet’s unique dietary requirements. 

Leading the charge in the ‘real food’ movement, each delicious recipe is made from real meat and real veggies without any unnecessary fillers. In fact, every ingredient is selected for its nutritional benefits, so if your dog doesn’t need it, Black Hawk doesn’t include it!

Black Hawk Puppy Medium Breed Lamb & Rice 3kg

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