Dog Leads, Collars, and Harnesses

Walking your dog is healthy for them, and gives them mental stimulation and a chance to sniff lots of things. It also gets you out of the house for a walk too, but we won’t go into that. You can either use a lead attached to a collar, or a harness, to take your dog for a walk. Each has its benefits, but its what suits your dog best. If your dog is energetic and likes to pull hard on the lead while walking, a harness is preferable. If your dog is more well-behaved, a lead and collar is perfectly fine.

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What's the difference between a dog lead, collar, and harness

  • A dog lead, commonly known as a leash, is used for controlling and walking a dog. 
  • A collar is worn around the dog's neck and is where the lead attaches. Collars are suitable for well-trained dogs. 
  • A harness, however, wraps around the dog's body, reducing strain on the neck. It's ideal for dogs that pull or have respiratory issues, providing better control and comfort during walks.

How do I know if I need a dog lead, collar, or harness?

Choosing between a dog lead, collar, or harness depends on your dog's behaviour and needs. A collar is suitable for well-behaved dogs. A harness is better for dogs that pull or have respiratory issues. A lead (leash) is essential for controlling your dog during walks, regardless of the collar or harness chosen. 

Assess your dog's behaviour to make the right choice and speak with our team at Pet City to find the right size for your pooch.