Dog Nursing Products

At Pet City, we understand that sometimes our furry friends need a little extra care. That's why we offer a range of nursing products for dogs, designed to assist in their recovery and care during times of illness or post-surgery. These products include supportive items like recovery collars, nursing bottles for puppies, and protective boots. They're tailored to ensure your dog's comfort and safety, making the healing process smoother for both you and your pet.


Are there specific nursing products designed for elderly or ill dogs?

Yes, there are specific nursing products designed for elderly or ill dogs. These include orthopedic beds to provide joint support, mobility aids like harnesses and slings for dogs with limited movement, and special feeding dishes to accommodate those with difficulty eating. Products like heated beds can provide comfort for arthritic dogs, and incontinence products help manage hygiene for those with bladder control issues. These products are tailored to meet the special needs of aging or ill dogs, ensuring their comfort and care.

How do I choose the right feeding and nursing supplies for dogs?

Choosing the right feeding and nursing supplies for dogs involves considering your dog's specific needs. For feeding, look at the size and shape of bowls that best suit your dog's breed and eating habits. Elevated feeders can be beneficial for larger breeds or dogs with joint issues. For nursing, consider the specific health needs of your dog – whether it's a recovery collar for post-surgery care or specialized feeding aids for puppies or dogs with feeding difficulties. Always prioritize comfort and practicality.