Dog Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Keep your pup's pearly whites gleaming with Pet City's dental care essentials! Discover a range of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and oral hygiene solutions to keep your dog's smile healthy. From gentle toothbrushes designed for canine teeth to flavourful dog toothpaste that makes brushing a breeze, find everything you need for effective dental care. Say goodbye to doggy breath and embrace a fresher, healthier mouth. Our selection caters to various sizes and breeds, ensuring optimal dental hygiene for every furry friend!


Can dogs use human toothpaste?

No, dogs shouldn't use human toothpaste due to ingredients like fluoride and foaming agents that can be harmful if swallowed. Instead, opt for dog toothpaste that is safe if ingested and comes in flavours appealing to dogs, making brushing more enjoyable. These specialised products cater to their dental needs, maintaining oral health without the risks associated with human toothpaste. 

How to use a dog toothbrush

Using a dog toothbrush and paste to brush your pup's teeth involves a gradual approach. Introduce the toothbrush gently, allowing your dog to sniff and lick the paste to familiarise themselves. Start with short sessions, softly brushing their teeth and praising them for cooperation. A dog finger toothbrush is best for accessibility and ease, especially for smaller breeds. Gradually increase brushing time, focusing on each tooth surface, and ensure positive reinforcement throughout.


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