Dog Toilet Trays

Make dog toileting a quick and convenient task with Pet City's dog toilet trays, featuring innovative designs for a cleaner and more efficient experience. Choose from reliable brands and durable materials to create a hygienic and efficient toilet area for your dog, whether you prefer indoor potty systems or artificial grass pads. Enjoy the ease of maintenance and the peace of mind that comes with a well-designed dog toilet system. Shop now for practical and effective indoor dog toilet trays.


What is the best dog toilet tray for small breeds?

For small breeds, the best dog toilet tray is one that offers a suitable size and comfort. Look for trays with appropriate dimensions, easy cleanup features, and perhaps even a grass pad for a natural feel. Keep your dog's behaviour and preferences in mind, noting that the right choice promotes positive toilet training and cleanliness. 

Can a dog toilet tray be used for older dogs?

Certainly! Dog toilet training trays are versatile solutions suitable for older dogs. They provide a convenient indoor toileting option, especially for seniors with mobility issues or those needing frequent bathroom breaks. The tray's practical design ensures a clean and accessible toileting space for older dogs, contributing to their comfort and wellbeing. 


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