Reptile Decor

Slither in and get ready to transform your reptile's home into a paradise with Pet City's amazing selection of reptile decor! We have everything your scaled buddy needs to create a natural and comfortable habitat. From decorative rocks to hideaways, backgrounds, and plants, our extensive collection will make your reptiles feel like they're in their natural habitat. Whether your pet is a sun-loving lizard or a tropical snake, our reptile cage decor options cater to every reptile species. Not only do our reptile decorations add a touch of style to their enclosure, but they also provide enrichment and promote healthy behaviour. So why wait? Let's get your reptile's home looking simply hiss-terical!


How often should I change my reptile's decor? 

The frequency at which you should change your reptile habitat decor depends on several factors, including the size of the enclosure, the type of reptile, and the type of decor used. Generally, it is recommended to replace or clean the decor every 3-4 months to prevent the buildup of bacteria and parasites. However, if your reptile produces a lot of waste or if the decor is visibly soiled, it should be cleaned or replaced more frequently. Monitoring your pet’s behaviour and overall health can also provide clues as to whether a reptile tank decor change is necessary.

What materials are safe for reptile decor?

There are various safe materials that can be used for reptile enclosure decor. Natural materials such as rocks, driftwood, and cork bark are great for creating hiding spots and climbing opportunities. Artificial plants made of non-toxic materials like silk or plastic are also safe for reptiles. Avoid using any materials that can be harmful if ingested, such as treated wood or plants treated with pesticides.