Santa Pet Photos 2023Santa Pet Photo 2023 family with dogs and santa

This event is officially booked out.

Thank you for your interest in our Santa Pet Photos. You can use the booking link below to check for cancellations OR you can email us at to go on a waiting list and we will contact you if we notice any cancellations.





1) Single Digital Photo - $29.95

Includes one high resolution digital photo for unlimited downloads. We'll send you the best photo of everyone looking and smiling. 

2) All Digital Photos - $49.95

Includes every digital photo captured from your photo session in high resolution for unlimited downloads.


We get it - you want to take your time choosing which photo to print. That's why this year we have 2 digital-only photo packages to choose from. 

But don’t fret:Santa Pet Photo 2023 white fluffy dog with santa

  • It’s super dooper easy and cheap (like, 50c!) to get your photo printed at Officeworks or Kmart. If you’d rather avoid the shops, you can even order prints online.
  • This gives you the flexibility to print whatever size photo you want. You can even choose to print your photo on a canvas, Christmas shirts and more!
  • This way, you can get in and out quickly (no waiting around in the heat with the kids and over-excited dogs), then have all the time in the world to choose which photo/s you want printed when you get home.



$2 from every booking will be donated to the Drought Angels to support farmers and their animals through the droughts, floods, fire and plagues we experience. Or donate today at our Drought Angels donation portal!







AvailabilitySanta Pet Photo 2023 couple with dog and santa

Santa photo bookings will be available for the following times/days:

Saturday 25th November 9:15am-4:30pm

Sunday 26th November 9:45am-3:00pm

Saturday 2nd December 9:15am-4:30pm

Sunday 3rd December 9:45am-3:00pm

Saturday 9th December 9:15am-4:30pm

Sunday 10th December 9:45am-3:00pm



We are excited to welcome a new photographer this year. Leigh is a professional studio pet photographer from Brisbane. With years of experience in pet photography, we're confident you'll love your special moments captured by Leigh this year. Check out some of Leigh's work here.


LocationSanta Pet Photo 2023 2 dressed up cavoodles with santa

Pet City, 224 Wishart Road, Wishart

Like last year, your photos will be taken in a private room upstairs. This helps to keep our shop floor as decongested as possible. It also works well for kids and animals who might get a little anxious. Unfortunately we do not have a lift upstairs and any family members in attendance will need to be fit to travel up a flight of 14 stairs. We apologize for any families who we cannot accomodate due to this.


Booking Arrival & Timing

Please note that we have pet families coming through every 5 minutes. Please aim to arrive as close to your booking time as possible. If you arrive early for your photos, we can't guarantee we'll be able to squeeze you in early. Going for a bathroom stop while you wait is always a good idea. You're welcome to go for a wander around our store while you wait. 


Help Us Stay Pee-Free

With all the exciting smells and people around, even the goodest girls and boys have been known to go to the bathroom in our store and in our Santa room. Once one pupper goes, they all want to! Please take your pet to the toilet before you join our Santa Photos cue. This reduces slipping hazards, helps us to move through our bookings quickly and keeps everyone's noses happy :).


Whole Family SafetySanta Pet Photo 2023 family with 4 dogs and santa

We encourage you to bring everyone! Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Birds, Chickens and Goldfish are all welcome! Any pet that isn't Native Wildlife can attend. Please keep in mind that reptile pet owners must bring evidence of lisencing that allows them to legally travel with their pet and attend our event. 

The safety of our pets and their families is of utmost importance. To ensure all pet families are safe and happy, please ensure only the goodest pet boys and girls attend. Please keep in mind that you will be in close proximity to other pets - maybe even some species your family isn't used to. Please transport and handle your pets appropriately (on a lead or in a cage) and don't let your pet out of it's cage or off its lead until you are about to have your Santa photo taken.

Please let our team know if you think your pet may have any special requirements and we'll do our best to cater to your needs.


COVID Safety

To ensure the health and safety of Santa & your family, we ask that children refrain from sitting on Santa's lap and instead use the provided stools. This is still close enough to snap some great photos!


Change or Cancel BookingSanta Pet Photo 2023 white fluffy dog with santa

If you do need to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible so other pet families have a chance to book in for their Christmas photo. 

To reschedule a booking, y​​​​​ou''ll need to first cancel the booking you want to reschedule and then re-book a new time. Cancelling your booking will automatically initiate a refund to your card. An easy way to do this is by finding your booking confirmation email and clicking 'cancel this appointment'. You can then make a new booking at your preferred time


I have multiple pets I’d like in my Santa photos, does that count as one booking?

For the best photo pawsible, we strongly recommend having just 1 group/ family per booking and a maximum of 8 humans in your photo. It can be difficult to fit groups larger than this into frame and to capture the attention of all participants within our 5 minute timeframe.


Will you have a new backdrop this year?

Yes! And we look forward to seeing all your new outfits!


I've had my photo taken, now what?

During our Santa Pet Photos event, our busy elf works around the clock behind the scenes to download, edit, file & upload your photos. We have approximately 70 groups taking santa photos each day - that's a lot of photos! Our elf will aim to send you a link to your photo/s within 48 hours of having them taken. Please refrain from contacting our elf about receiving (or not receiving) your photos until after this 48 hour timeframe. If you do need to get in touch, please email your question to


Email your enquiry

Can’t find what you need here? Email your question to or give our team a call.


Past Favourites






Terms & Conditions

To ensure the safety of our customers and their pets, our photographer, Santa and his elves, we ask that you agree to and will comply with our Terms & Conditions for this year's event.

Bookings, payments and cancellations

  • Online bookings are essential. Walk-in bookings will not be accepted.
  • Payment will be taken upon booking via Schedulista's secure payment gateway.
  • Bookings can be rescheduled online up to 12hrs prior to the original booking time. No refunds can be issued if you cancel your booking due to change of mind within this timeframe.


  • Digital photos will be emailed to your booking email via a link to a cloud-based storage system. This is a private link. Only you or anyone you choose to share your link with, will  be able to view your photo/s.
  • Information provided upon your booking will not be shared to any other party. 
  • By booking your Pet City Santa Photo, you consent to receiving emails from Pet City about your Santa Pet Photos booking.

Pet Safety

  • Owners take full responsibility for the safety of their pets.
  • Attending pet owners are required to provide adequate restraints (e.g. lead, harness) and means of safe transportation (e.g. cat carrier) to and from the Santa Pet Photo Event.
  • Pet owners letting pets off leash or out of containment do so at their own risk. 
  • Pet City will not be held liable for any injury or damage caused by the pets in attendance of the Santa Pet Photos.
  • Pets that demonstrate aggressive or destructive behaviour may be asked to leave.

COVID safety

  • Guests are encouraged to sit on the stools provided. Only VERY small pets or humans may be allowed to sit on Santa's lap.
  • All humans are required to sanitize their hands before entering the photo area.
  • Should this event be cancelled due to a change in COVID-19 government restrictions, you will be entitled to a full refund and will be contacted via the email address or phone number provided.
  • Customers who are feeling unwell or who have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case within the last week must not attend this event and should reschedule if possible.
  • Customers who display symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be asked to leave.