Cat Toilet Systems

Pet City's innovative cat toilet systems are designed to simplify litter management in your home. From self-cleaning options to large setups for multi-cat households, we offer a range of systems to suit your needs. With Pet City's cat litter systems, maintaining a clean and hygienic litter area has never been easier. Trust us to provide top-quality solutions that prioritise your cat's comfort and your convenience. Shop now and revolutionise your cat's toileting experience.


How do automated cat toilet systems work and are they effective?

Automated cat toilet systems feature a self-cleaning mechanism that rakes or sifts through the litter to remove waste automatically. Some models use sensors to detect when your cat has used the litter box, triggering the cleaning cycle. Once waste is removed, clean litter is redistributed, ensuring a fresh environment for your cat. These systems are generally effective at maintaining cleanliness and reducing odour, but regular maintenance and monitoring are still necessary for optimal performance.

What are the benefits of transitioning from a litter box to a cat toilet system?

Transitioning from a traditional litter box to an auto cleaning cat toilet offers several benefits. These systems require less frequent cleaning, as they automate waste removal. They also help reduce odours and litter tracking, creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Additionally, some larger cat litter tray systems can accommodate multiple cats, making them ideal for multi-pet households. While initial training may be required, once your cat adjusts, the transition can streamline litter management and improve overall convenience for both you and your pet.