Reptile Heat Lamps

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Reptiles Need Appropriate Heating

Reptiles are Ectothermic, which means they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. There are many different ways you can provide heating to your reptile or amphibian, including heat lights, non-light emitting heaters, and mats. Your chosen heat source should always be connected to a thermostat for the best control of the heating inside your pet's enclosure. 

We recommend a using an infrared heater as these are the most affective kind of heating - but not to be confused with 'red' heat lights. Infrared heaters do not output any light, therefore their heating does not affect the day/night cycle for your reptile or dry out the air in your enclosure. Another great option is a white basking light which emits beneficial UVA, however these need to be switched off at night time and another heat source used overnight (if required).

Your enclosure should have a heat gradient - a hot end (where the basking zone is) and cool end. This will ensure your reptile can move around the cage to cool down and warm up as required.