Cat Scratching Posts

Prepare to scratch, stretch, and save your precious belongings with Pet City's sensational collection of scratching posts for cats. We're here to cater to your cat's natural instincts and keep those claws in tip-top shape. From towering tree-like structures to compact and stylish designs, our scratching posts offer the purr-fect blend of functionality and fun. Say goodbye to shredded sofas and hello to a world of claw-tastic satisfaction with a cat-scratching post from Pet City. Let the scratching adventure begin!

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Cat Scratcher Beverley
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Cat Scratcher Tigger Surf Pole
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Kazoo 2 Chamber Den Charcoal
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Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Medium Charcoal Grey


Do cats need a scratching post?

Absolutely! Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, which serves multiple purposes. Scratching helps them shed old nail sheaths, stretch their muscles, mark their territory, and relieve stress. Providing a dedicated cat scratch post is crucial to redirect their scratching behaviour away from your furniture and belongings. It offers them a designated and appropriate outlet for their scratching needs. A modern cat scratching post also promotes healthy nail maintenance and provides mental stimulation. So, let's give our cats the scratching satisfaction they crave and save our furniture in the process!

What are the best types of cat scratching posts?

The best types of cat scratching posts vary depending on your cat's preferences and needs. Generally, sturdy and stable posts are ideal to withstand vigorous scratching. A large cat scratching post with different heights and angles provides variety and accommodates various stretching positions. Additionally, interactive scratching posts with attached toys or platforms can enhance playtime and engagement.