Reptile Feeding & Handling

We stock a full range of portable, convenient reptile feeding supplies and handling equipment to look after your scaly pet. Make handling your reptile's feeding supplies easier and more hygienic for yourself, while clever little devices such as feeding rocks can simulate a more natural feeding experience. Additionally, make sure to browse our selection of reptile-handling equipment to transport your pet with a variety of easy, and safe, travelling options.


What kind of reptile feeding supplies do I need?

A good quality pair of reptile-feeding tweezers or tongs will keep your hands clean and ensure they are not nibbled while feeding your pet.
If your reptile eats live insects, holders that mimic natural feeding – such as a cricket-feeding rock or mealworm feeder - make mealtimes more fun.

Transporting live insects is made easier with the use of hydration cubes and holding boxes, and there are also supplements like cricket blocks that boost nutrition content.

What are the basic reptile handling equipment I need?

To pick up a snake, you’ll need a snake handling hook, sized to suit your snake’s dimensions. Juvenile snakes can be handled using pocket-sized snake hooks, while larger and aggressive snakes can be safely handled with a stronger, full-sized snake hook.

For very small reptiles, a small plastic reptile tank is a perfect way to ensure they are visible, unable to escape, and have sufficient ventilation while travelling or feeding.


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