Bird Treat Holders

There are many ways you can train your pet bird to do tricks, or to behave. Rewarding with treats is a great way to reinforce good behaviour. A treat holder can be used instead of always having them on hand. As a tip, filing the treat holder can be a visual sign that they’ve been a good bird, or that it’s time to sing and dance. Browse our range and find one that fits your bird cage, and let your feathered friend know it's snack time!


What is a bird treat holder, and how does it benefit my pet bird?

A bird treat holder is a device designed to hold treats or fruits for your pet bird. It usually attaches to the cage bars. This benefits your bird by providing mental stimulation and physical activity. It encourages foraging, which is a natural behaviour for birds, and helps prevent boredom. Making treats a bit challenging to access engages your bird's problem-solving skills, keeping them mentally and physically active.

Can bird treat holders be used for foraging and enrichment activities?

Absolutely! Bird treat holders are excellent for foraging and enrichment. They encourage birds to work for their treats, mimicking their natural foraging behaviour. This mental stimulation and physical activity promote a happier, healthier bird while preventing boredom.