Fish Filtration

A good fish tank filter is essential to providing a healthy living environment for your fish. A filter is vital to aerate the water, remove a toxic build up of chemicals secreted by fish and prolongs the time between cleaning your tank.

It is important to have a high quality filter for your aquarium if you have an abundance of fish. This is why you might consider investing in a better quality aquarium filter when you first purchase a fish tank or if you are planning on adding more fish down the track. Pet City has a large range of filters for varying fish tank sizes and flow rates to help you create a clean and healthy ecosystem inside any fish tank.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best filter for my fish tank?

There are a large range of fish tank filters depending on the type and size of fish tank you have, and the kind of wildlife you wish to put in your aquarium. It is always recommended that you invest in a high-quality filter to sustain the life of your underwater ecosystem. While there is no ‘best’ filter, you can always speak to a friendly Pet City team member and they will happily show you the range of fish tank filters available and guide you through the selection process. They may also become overenthusiastic and talk your head off, though.

How often should I change the fish tank filter?

Like your bedroom, it is important to always maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule of your fish tank filter. How often a filter should be replaced depends heavily on the type of filter you are using. A chemical filter can be changed monthly, a biological filter doesn’t need to be changed as frequently, and a mechanical filter shouldn’t be changed until it begins to fall apart. Changing a mechanical filter before it falls apart is no bueno, as it can actually harm the fish and plants in your fish tank. 

What if my fish tank filter pump isn’t working?

If you notice that your fish tank filter pump is not working, it needs to be replaced immediately. If you do not quickly replace your filter pump, toxins could build up in your tank and poison your fish. Without enough dissolved oxygen, your fish can suffocate. Most pumps come with a 12-month warranty and you can get a free replacement if the pump is not working when you first got it, or if it breaks down within that 12-month period. At Pet City, our Aquarium Maintenance Department has a team full of aquarium nerds that can troubleshoot any aquarium-related issues that you may be experiencing.