Hills Science Diet - Dog and Cat Food

It's no wonder why vets recommend Hill's Science Diet pet food to dog and cat owners. With an expert team of over 220 vets, nutritionists and food scientists, Hill's Science Diet is backed by decades of biology-based scientific research to support your pet's growth and development.

To help your fur baby grow into a healthy adult, Hill's Science Diet uses cutting-edge food science to create nutritionally balanced meals for each stage of their life. The Hill's Science Diet range at Pet City caters for puppies to dogs, kittens to cats and offers a variety of dry dog food, wet dog food, dry cat food and wet cat food that even the fussiest of fur babies will happily eat.

Hill's Science Diet Veterinary Recommended

Hill's Science Diet is guaranteed to give your pet optimal nutrition for their stage of life. The Hill's Science Diet will keep them happy and healthy, whether they're a bouncy puppy, a zoomy kitten, or a senior pet who's not up for much.

The specialty range of Hill's Science Diet dry dog food caters for sensitive tummies and skin, boosting mobility, oral care, senior vitality and a range to help your dog maintain their ideal weight.

Cats are notoriously picky eaters, so the Hill's Science Diet dry cat food specialty range is super tasty and brilliant for hairball control, oral care, sensitive tummies and skin, youth and senior vitality, and maintaining their perfect weight.