UV Lighting


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Reptiles Require Essential UVB

There are three types of UV: UVA, UVB & UVC. UVB is the essential type that is vital for your reptile's metabolic system. UVB lights come in the form of two different types; light tubes and compact light bulbs. Light tubes are suitable for most reptile enclosures, while the compact lights are ideal for small enclosures during the hatchling phase.

Tubes are available in two different types; T8 & T5. T5 tubes are considered better quality as they produce a higher output of UV, however some species do not have high UV requirements (ie frogs and amphibians). The type of UV you should use depends on your species' UV requirements, how big your enclosure is, and some other factors.

UVA is not considered essential for your reptile, however it can be quite beneficial for their behaviour. White basking heat lights can also be fitted to your enclosure if you wish to provide your reptile with the benefits associated with UVA.