Exo Terra

Exo Terra are market leaders in reptile products. Their products allow you to transform your reptile or amphibian’s home to simulate their natural habitat. So you can enjoy the amazing wilderness in the comfort of your own home and your reptile stays happy and healthy!

With renowned worldwide herpetologists’ and breeders' expertise and research, Exo Terra brings you the best innovative and creative products for your reptiles. Here at Pet City, we have an extensive range of Exo Terra products that allow you to bring some fun and stimulation to your reptile and their environment.

Where to buy an Exo Terra Terrarium?

Pet City has an extensive range of terrariums on offer, so you can bring the joy of the wilderness into your own home. Pet City caters for all needs and no reptile is too big or too small. With a wide range of quality products available, Pet City can help you care for your reptiles safely and securely within a natural environment.

How to open Exo Terra Terrarium?

All terrariums have safe and easy front opening doors, meaning you can safely care for your reptile. Doors can be opened separately and come with a specially designed lock to prevent escape. 

How to install Exo Terra Background?

Most terrariums come with a background. Each background has been specifically designed to create a natural look, which also creates a multi-dimensional habitat. 

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