Reptile Heating & Lighting

Reptiles are Ectothermic, which means they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. Nearly every facet of their behaviour is controlled by the heat and light of their environment, thus making it absolutely vital that the appropriate options for their species is provided.

Reptile Heating: There are many different ways you can provide heating to your reptile or amphibian, including heat lights, non-light emitting heaters, and mats. Your chosen heat source should always be connected to a thermostat for the best control of the heating inside your pet's enclosure. We recommend the use of Infrared Heaters as the primary source of heating for your reptile as these often have the best heat output, however the chosen source of heating really depends on your species and type of enclosure. You can find more information on reptile heating by reading this great article on Reptile Heating & Hibernation.

Reptile Lighting: UVB is absolutely essential to your reptile's health; and it's not to be confused or substituted with the other types of UV. There are three types of UV: UVA, UVB & UVC. UVB lights can be produced from two different lights; light tubes and compact light bulbs - most heat lights do not produce UVB. Light tubes are suitable for most reptile enclosures, while the compact lights are ideal for small enclosures during the hatchling or juvenile phase. Click here for more detailed information: Why is lighting so imprtant for your reptile.