Guinea Pig Enclosures - Choosing The Right Cage Type

On: 14 September 2020 

It's very important to house your pet guinea pig correctly, here are some tips to help you choose the right enclosure.

Your Guinea Pig's home controls nearly every facet of their life, including their level of happiness and can determine certain territorial behaviours. Therefore one should be chosen accordingly based on how many Cavy's you are housing, their gender, the location of the cage, and your budget.



A couple of things to consider about Guinea Pigs:

  • Guinea pigs reach up to 1kg and 30cm when fully grown
  • They should always be kept in pairs or more
  • They grow quickly, reaching adult size by 6 months of age
  • You should never house males and females together
  • The legal minimum enclosure size for a pair is 120 x 60cm
  • Keeping them indoors is recommended



Plastic & Wire Cages

The best type of enclosures have a plastic base with wire roof. Plastic is the most hygienic option for guinea pigs as their urine wont seep into it and make it smell. The wire acts as a safety barrier and keeps them jumping out and other pets getting in. You can also use the wire on most of these cages as a pen for supervised play time outdoors.

temporary 100cm cage

standard 120cm cage

large 140cm cage



C&C Cages

Also known as Cubes & Corflute cages, these have been a huge hit in the guinea pig community. Using a basic grid system, these enclosures can be made as big or as small as desired. They come with a corflute base which is resistant to urine, hygienic and easy to clean.

We sell the starter cages which are the most popular options for 2-3 guinea pigs.


Add-ons that'll make you want one:

  • Lofts (an extra level on top)
  • Lids (for additional security
  • Fleece Mats (instead of subtrate)
  • Kitchenette (for the 'messy' area to contain hay and food)
  • Stands (to elevate the enclosure & create storage underneith)

c&c cage 2x3 cubes and corflute

c&c cage 2x4 cubes and corflute



Enclosures with Stands

These can be handy for keeping your guinea pigs off the ground for convenience, as well as safety if you have other pets.

120cm cage with stand

2 story cage

large cage with levels



Outdoor Enclosures

Traditionally, guinea pigs are kept outside in enclosures similar to chicken coops. Although you can still do this, we recommend that if you want the best experience and bond with your pet guinea pigs you should keep them indoors. The best type of outdoor enclosure for guinea pigs are single-level coop with a run, or large area for your guinea pigs to stretch their legs and graze on grass.

If you choose to keep your guinea pigs outside you will need to alter your coop to make it guinea pig friendly. Wire flooring need to be removed to make it more comfortable for guinea pig's feat. You may need to do some extra predator proofing.

chiken coop with run