A Purr-fect Harmony: The Benefits of Mixed Feeding Feline Friends

On: 31 January 2024 

Discover the benefits of combining wet and dry cat food for dental health, senior bliss, and hydration.

As devoted cat guardians, we're always on the prowl for the best nutrition to keep our feline friends in tip-top shape. The eternal question of wet food versus dry food often lingers, but what if we told you that the cat's out of the bag and studies show that there are many benefits of combining both? In this blog, we'll uncover why serving a blend of wet and dry cat food is the cat's meow for overall feline health and happiness.


Early Exposure for Finicky Felines

It's no secret that cats can be the ultimate fusspots when it comes to food. Kittens, in particular, are impressionable eaters, and exposing them to a variety of tastes and textures early on sets the stage for a lifetime of culinary curiosity. A diverse diet during your cat's formative months can prevent them from turning their noses up at new foods later in life. So, don't be shy to introduce a medley of food types, flavours and textures early on – your future self will thank you for having a more open-minded and less finicky feline friend at the dinner table. Ask our fur-iendly team for help selecting foods suitable for your cat's age group or shop our range of kitten foods here.


Enrichment With a Variety of Tastes and Textures
Cats are known connoisseurs, and just like their human counterparts, they can enjoy a diverse menu. In the wild, felines enjoy feasting on a range of tastes and textures. While our floof balls have worked their way up the food chain to become some of the most pampered kings and queens, the little lion in them still enjoys a mixture of tastes and textures.

By serving a mixed platter of wet and dry delights, you'll keep your kitty on their toes – or should we say paws? This not only turns mealtime into a purr-fect culinary adventure but also prevents any food-related hissy fits, encouraging a well-rounded diet.


Teeth Cleaning with Dry Cat Food
Dry cat food isn't just a crunch-tastic delight; it's a dental superhero too! A natural feline diet consists not only of meat, but also raw bones which are great for dental hygiene. Crunching on dry kibble mimics this natural behaviour of gnawing and crunching on bones and helps maintain your furball's pearly whites by preventing plaque and tartar buildup. It's dental care with a side of delightful crunch!


Wet Cat Food for Older Cats
As our feline friends gracefully enter their golden years, their taste buds and teeth may need a little extra TLC. Wet cat food steps in as the senior superstar, offering a softer texture that's gentler on aging jaws. The added moisture content is like a hydration oasis, ensuring your senior sidekick stays spry and sassy. It's the ultimate golden-ager gourmet experience!


Increasing Water Intake to Prevent Kidney Disease
Hydration is the cat's meow when it comes to preventing kidney and urinary conundrums. Yet, convincing your cat to sip from the water bowl can be like herding cats - easier said than done! 

Domestic cats trace their ancestry back to African Wildcats who adapted to arid environments. This lineage has influenced the modern domestic cat's physiology, enabling them to survive on less water (compared to dogs) and giving them a reduced thirst drive (1). Unfortunately, this unique trait also makes cats more susceptible to kidney disease and lower urinary tract issues like bladder stones, urethral blockages, urinary tract infections, and cystitis due to insufficient hydration.

A study investigating the overall fluid intake in cats fed different diets reveals that felines fed exclusively dry food consume less water compared to those with a mixed diet of both dry and wet foods, even when provided with unrestricted access to clean drinking water (2). So wet cat emerges as a hydrating hero! With moisture-rich goodness, it not only tickles your cat's taste buds but also ensures they slurp up enough liquid to keep their health in top-notch.


Disguising Medication with Wet Cat Food
Administering medication to your whiskered companion can feel like a hair-raising task. But fear not, for wet cat food is here to save the day! The soft texture and irresistible aroma of wet food makes the purr-fect disguise for those sneaky pills. Your feline friend won't suspect a thing, turning medication time into a culinary delight instead of a battle of wills.


The Tail End
The cat is out of the bag and the harmony of wet and dry cat food reigns supreme! A mixture of both dry and wet cat food not only offers the thrill of varied tastes and textures, together, they're also a health power combo. Dry food satisfies your cat's natural desire to crunch while cleaning their teefs and wet food keeps your kitty satisfied and hydrated - preventing future health cat-astrophes. 

Our Pet City cats give mixed feeding the lick of approval. Shop our range of dry cat foods and wet foods today.




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