What is the Best Flea Treatment for Your Cat?

On: 10 August 2020 

Depending on your cat's lifestyle, age and health we recommend using different flea treatments to receive the best results.

If you've ever joined a cat Facebook group or online cat forum, you've probably noticed this question appear nearly every day: What flea treatment is good?

This question comes up because there are so many types of flea products on the market. There are several types of application too, such as topical (on the back of the neck), tablets, shampoos and natural treatments. 

We've put together this guide to help assist you in choosing the right type from our most popular brands.

*Always seek Veterinary assistance if you are unsure if your cat is already on any other medication



For Kittens & Sensitive Cats

For cats under 3 months of age we recommend Revolution or Fido's Flea Rinse Concentrate (bath) as these products are safe to use on smaller cats and cats that are known to have sensitivities. 

Revolution for Kittes

Fidos Flea Rinse Concentrate


For Indoor Cats

The age old debate - do I flea treat my cat that doesn't go outside? The answer is yes, your pet can still be exposed to fleas (and worms) even if they don't go outside. 

The most popular options for indoor kitties are topical treatments - Advocate (fleas & worms) & Advantage (fleas only). They are both a simple and easy monthly prevention so if you ever accidentally bring fleas inside, you will know your cat will be protected.

Advocate for cats

Fidos Flea Rinse Concentrate


For Multi-Cat households

If your cats enjoy cuddling and grooming each other it's a good option to avoid topical treatments. While they are safe if accidentally injested, it's still not ideal. Using a tablet treatment is the best route to take when you have two or more kitties that like to get up close and personal.

Comfortis tablet treats fleas monthly. It's also known for it's fast turnaround and can kill fleas in just 30 minutes. It's also fantastic if your cat currently has fleas and you need to rid them ASAP.

Comfortis for cats


For Outdoor Cats

If your cat enjoys the great outdoors you'll need something water fast and tough, a treatment that will last and that you can trust to protect your pet. Outdoor cats expose themselves to parasties much more frequently so special care needs to be taken to ensure they are protected well.

Bravecto or Seresto are both popular options for cats that go outside. Seresto is a flea & tick collar that lasts for up to 8 months. Bravecto is a topical treatment that comes in two varieties - Bravecto original and Bravecto Plus. Both treat for fleas and ticks for a couple of months, however the Plus variety also treats for worms & heartworm.



Bravecto Plus



To get rid of all fleas in 30 minutes

If there's a sudden flea emergency the best product of choice here is Capstar. It's not too hard on your wallet or your pet, and will start killing all the adult fleas on your pet in just half an hour. This product has been a life saver for many, especially those who work with animals.



Remember to Treat for Worms

Fleas are the parasites you can see - but the ones you can't are the nastier ones. Intestinal worms can cause all sorts of trouble for your pet's health, so please ensure if your flea treatment doesn't cover worms as well, to seek out a Wormer to add to your routine.

Drontal is one of the most popular wormers for your cat. But if you just can't get your cat to take a tablet then Profender is another great option for quality protection against worms.

Advocate for cats

Fidos Flea Rinse Concentrate