Holidaying with Your Dog - The Essentials for Going Away

On: 2 September 2020 

So you have packed everything up for yourself and the kids - but what about your dog? Here's what you need to know!

Dogs love coming with us on our family adventures, especially camping, beach trips and visiting relatives. It's important that we don't forget about our pets safety and needs amongst the excitement of going away. Ensure your pooch is prepared for the trip, no matter how short. Below are a couple of lists containing some basic stuff you'll need, including products for anxiety, travel and overnight stays.



Travelling in the Car

Safety is the most important thing when taking your pet's for a drive. Your dog can be a distraction to the driver so it's considered quite dangerous to have your pet unrestrained in the car. You can even receive a fine if your pet isn't restrained properly! Keep your family and your pet safe by securing him in a travel harness and car attachment.

Your dog's claws can harm your vehicles upholstery and seats. So remember to trim the nails a week before you depart and grab some kind of protection for seats and laps.

Travel Harness

Car Attachment

Car Sea Cover

Water bottle



For Anxious Dogs

Some dogs experience travel anxiety, which can be identified by several clues like whimpering, ears back, eyebrows raised, licking and panting. Some dog's can also get overstimulated which is another form of anxiety, and your pet might display similar symtoms as well as being over excited.

Keeping your pet comfortable during these stressful times can be easier with a crate, as you can confine your pet to a specific area that you can 'dress up' with his favourite things. A comfy bed, blanket, toys and a tasty bone are all examples of things to put in their crate.







Doggie Overnight Bag Essentials

Expecting to be gone for a few days, or maybe you're camping away from town? Ensure you tick off the essentials list before you go.

Remember to pack your pet's favourite foods, chews, bowls and toys, as well as some bedding that's familiar and comfortable. If you have a crate you can use this to transport your pup as well as a way to contain your pooch when required.

Cleaning up after you dog is a lot harder without access to a bath or hose! If you're on the road or staying away from home be sure you pack everything you need for emergencies. This includes poop bags, wipes and urine cleaners if necessary. 

Flea & Tick treatment is always a necessity. You probably don't want to pack this into your bag, but you can make sure your dog's treatment is up-to-date, especially if you're going outdoors at any stage.



Dog Food



Pet Wipes

Poo Bags



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