Mission Statement

"Leading the way in pet responsibility"


Pet health and welfare are our main priorities - the animals at Pet City Mt Gravatt are well looked after. Our bird cages, aquarium tanks and small pet enclosures are cleaned daily, our cats and puppies have regular vet checks and are often given time to run around in our conference room upstairs. Our puppies are from reputable breeders and our aim is to find our pets the right loving family, not about 'selling' them. We follow set rules and guidelines created by PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia) because we believe in leading the way in pet responsibility.

In fact, we are one of only three pet stores in all of Queensland which is PIAA accredited - PIAA is the only industry association in Australia to represent businesses in the pet Industry. Pet Industry Association Accredited Members, are the ONLY elite group within the Australian pet industry that have undergone external audits  in the areas of Animal Welfare, Business Practices, Workplace Health & Safety and a high level of Customer Service. Visit - www.piaa.net.au for more information about PIAA.

We strive to educate the wider community about responsible pet ownership - by holding conferences such as Reptecon. We also have regular classes such as bird clicker training and bird behaviour class. We travel to schools to educate the children in ways they can interact better with animals and promote animal health and safety. Our staff  are highly trained, knowledgeable and are eager to share their knowledge with the community and our customers.

The products and brands stocked in our store, we believe, are of the highest quality and we firmly stand behind them. If you ever need help in finding the right product for your pet needs, our staff are more than happy to assist.


So what sets Pet City above the rest?


Our staff are trained in their own departments to ensure you with the best possible service, expertise and advice.


Our contributions include working with local charities and events, providing educational classes for children and hosting family friendly events!


Pet City has one of the largest ranges of pet livestock and products in Queensland! If we don't have it, we will endeavour to get it for you!


All of our staff are pet owners and therefore share that pet-lover understanding and experience that you have for your pets.


We offer a large range of services such as dog groming, ID tag engraving, aquarium water testing, bird wing and nail clipping and more!