Royal Canin Dog and Cat Food

One of the best dog and cat food brands at Pet City Mt Gravatt

Royal Canin pet food is formulated to be a healthy & nutritional option for dogs and cats. It's one of the more popular branded food ranges available in our Mt Gravat pet store.

Tailored for every health need

The individual health of every cat and dog is as unique and important as they are. Choosing the correct brand of food for your pets is quite essential, alongside a healthy diet that consists of both dry and wet food. The health characteristics of pet food brands are often designed to cater for the size, breed or lifestyle of your furry friend.
Discover how Royal Canin dog and cat nutrition ranges can help every pet enjoy its best health possible by trying one of the delicious meals formulated for pets below. 



Top Seller
Royal Canin Mini Adult 2kg

REG $33.00

VIP $31.00

Royal Canin Beagle Adult 12kg

REG $146.00 $124.10

VIP $136.00 $115.60

Royal Canin Beagle Adult 3kg

REG $42.00 $35.70

VIP $39.00 $33.15

Royal Canin Boxer Adult 12kg

REG $140.00 $119.00

VIP $130.00 $110.50