Back to Work - The Best Trick to Keeping your Dog Happy

On: 28 January 2020 

Following this one main tip can help you promote harmony for your dog when you go back to the daily grind.

Don’t you just wish the holidays would never end? We bet your dog wishes for the same thing.  After getting lots of attention over the holiday break, the change in routine will see your dog missing you when you go back into your daily routine. This can lead to anxiety, which is the gateway to many unwanted behaviours like barking and destructive chewing. 



The tip every pet parent should live by:

Rotate your Dog's Toys, Every. Single. Day!

Do you just leave all your dog's toys laying around? This is one of the biggest mistakes we can make when it comes to enriching our dogs! Putting your pet's toys away and only providing 2-3 each day is a great way to make every day more interesting. Toys are way more exciting when your dog doesn't get to play with them whenever they want. Choosing a toy from each of the following categories each day will provide your pooch with a variety of textures and types.

rogz ball with dog

  • Food Dispensing Toy (the MOST important!)
  • Rubber or plastic toy for chewing
  • Soft toy for comfort


Have at least 21 different toys

The more options you have in your toy rotation means more puzzles, textures and excitement you can make each day.


Multi-Sensory Toys

Try to offer toys that offer a variety of textures; for example a rubber bone with a nylon ring on it, or a plush toy with rubber feat. Offering toys that make sounds, have flavour, crunch and move around all provide a unique experience and thus are more engaging.


Food Dispensing Toys

We can't begin to explain the importance of toys that slowly release treats and food. There is a lot of positive experience behind a dog using their brain to solve a puzzle and receiving a reward. Mental stimulation is a lot better for your dog's behaviour than physical exercise, especially when your dog feels as if they have achieved something (like rolling a ball around and getting a feed). A dog that is mentally satisfied is a lot less likely to exert energy in the form of bad behaviours (like barking). 

Our go-to resolve for many unwanted doggy behaviours is providing each meal inside a food dispensing toy. Make the swap today, your pet will thank you for it!


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